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Neethi Store

Day by day, we are hearing of new kinds of ailments that are spreading in the world around us. The modern lifestyles, food habits, lack of exercise etc. have brought about a state whereby our bodies have become easily prone to diseases. This has given rise to the need for good medicines that can control, cure and at times prevent these diseases. But the rising costs of medicines are today a big hazard. Even life-saving medicines are being sold at rates that ordinary people can never afford.

With a vision to bring medicines to all,  The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank has started  Neethi Medical Stores in Calicut. Through these stores, you can buy your medicines at subsidized rates. Medicines are sold through these outlets at discounts of up to 40%, which makes it affordable for everyone. You can find one near the Medical College which remains open 12x7. There is 06 Permanent Staff working on shift basis.

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