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Business Loans

Businessmen always require cash for rolling purposes and also to meet their daily running costs. With anticipated money, no business enterprise can keep moving forward and so the best possible way to keep the game alive is to rely on business loans. At The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank, we understand the needs and nature of various businesses and assist them in meeting their quick requirements by issuing business loans.

Our business loans are very easy to have a hold of and are provided at special interest rates. There is very little paper work and that makes the whole process of sanctioning the loan easy and quick. All you will need is the help of two other businessmen for acting as guarantors and you can avail this loan at good rates. Also, when it comes to the re-payment you won't have to bother about approaching a branch of ours during your busy schedules. Our daily collection will be at your doorstep to collect the same.