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Property Loan

One of the most widely preferred loans today, property loans are an easy way to get instant cash for big requirements. If you have a property of your own and is in need of money, then don't wait to come to us. You can pledge your property and be eligible for a loan upto Rs. 25,00,000/-. There aren't too many formalities to get it cleared and you can feel relaxed as you would be able to quickly meet your need.

At The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank, not only do we help you by providing quick property loans, but also offer you attractive rates. Hassle-free and speedy approvals are the highlight here. You can pledge both residential and commercial properties. Also, you have an added benefit whereby you can re-pay the loan by handing over the amount to our daily collection agents who will be at your doorsteps for the same. You just don't have to bother about coming to a branch of ours to keep re-paying the money every month. All transactions made easy and comfortable – that's the pivotal feature of The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank's loan schemes.