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Nithya Nidhi Deposits

On an endeavour to promote savings habit among common people, The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank has given life to a special scheme called Nithya Nidhi Deposits. This is a daily deposit scheme wherein the customers can keep adding to their bank balance small or big amounts of their choice. This scheme is particularly beneficial for people who work on a daily wage basis and also among small income groups. They can keep their bank accounts alive and active by contributing even amounts below Rs. 100.

The biggest advantage with Nithya Nidhi Deposit Scheme is that the customers needn't even come to any of our bank branches to deposit the money. They can hand it over to our pigmy collection agents who would go to them and collect the amount, so that they can devote themselves fully to work. These agents will have palmtech machines with them and will regulate the transaction deals of these customers through it.

What more service can one ask for?


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