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The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank offers its customers a wide variety of facilities to assist them in their requirements. Every facility has been carefully planned and provided, so as to ensure that they get the most out of them. Not to mention the efficiency in which the provision and execution of these facilities are carried out. Have a look at the facilities that we offer:

Neethi Store

Day by day, we are hearing of new kinds of ailments that are spreading in the world around us. The modern lifestyles, food habits, lack of exercise etc. have brought about a state whereby our bodies have become easily prone to diseases. This has given rise to the need for good medicines that can control, cure and at times prevent these diseases. But the rising costs of medicines are today a big hazard. Even life-saving medicines are being sold at rates that ordinary people can never afford.

With a vision to bring medicines to all,  The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank has started  Neethi Medical Stores in Calicut. Through these stores, you can buy your medicines at subsidized rates. Medicines are sold through these outlets at discounts of up to 40%, which makes it affordable for everyone. You can find one near the Medical College which remains open 12x7. There is 06 Permanent Staff working on shift basis.

                                        9495 05 9911

Care Foundation

Calicut City Service Cooperative Bank Ltd.set up a Rs.400-crore cancer hospital and research centre at Chooloor, near Vellalasseri, under the Chathamangalam grama panchayat on the outskirts of the city.

A charitable society, Cancer and Allied Ailments Research (Care) Foundation, formed for the purpose, has decided to name the hospital in memory of Communist Marxist Party (CMP) leader M.V. Raghavan (MVR Cancer Centre) in recognition of his contribution to the cooperative sector in the State. The governing body of the foundation includes directors of the bank, oncologists, doctors, engineers, retired police officers, and lawyers.

A cancer hospital in the region has been necessitated in view of the increasing number of patients in north Kerala. 

Governing body has decided to provide treatment free of cost to 30 per cent of patients

MVR CANCER CENTRE inaugurated on 17.1.2017

For more details, please visit the Site of the Foundation: 

CP 7/504-A, Vellalasseri P.O, REC (VIA),
Calicut - 673 601, Kozhikode Dist, Kerala, India.

Social Commitments

  • The bank has been providing travel aid to Abhishek a disabled student studying in Azhchavattom High School.


  • Bank is conducting  employment training programme for 1000 women free of cost.They are trained in different batches and training is given in areas like saree painting , fabric painting,glass painting ,pot painting, beads work,jewellery making,paper craft, vegetable printing etc.


  • Sambaram-As a relief in summer bank is giving "sambaram" in the month of April-May at medical college,choolur,chalappuram and railway station premises every year


  • Umbrella Distribution-Free umbrella distribution for students of nearby schools


Dialysis Center

Dialysis is a mean of artificial replacement of lost kidney function in people with renal failure. It is in fact a life-saving procedure and is widely used as a 'holding measure' until a renal transplant can be performed. Most commonly, a patient might need multiple procedures of dialysis to keep life going. But for many patients, repeated performing of dialysis might not be an affordable option. It is to take this big burden off from patients that The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank at Chalappuram in Calicut is providing Dialysis treatment to needy patients at affordable costs. 

The unit in this clinic consists of 6 beds absolutely free for the right persons. This initiative has proven to be a big relief for hundreds of patients affected by kidney function failure. We have also given life to a City Charity Deposit Scheme to float capital for the expansion of our charity work and relief activities. 

Up on considering the growing number of patients affected with the Kidney related diseases and the pain and problems they have to face in its treatment, the bank has made available better medical facilities near to its head office in Chalapuram, after buying the 24.85 cent property and spending over Rs 6crores. The newly erected 5 storied building facilitates much advanced medical facilities for patients. Presently, the former 6 units have been increased to 12 units and 36 free dialyses are being performed for free on a daily basis. The newly established dialysis centre was inaugurated at 3 pm on April 15th 2017 by Hon. MLA Dr. M.K Muneer.


Dialysis Centre,
C/o Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank
Dialysis Centre Building, Opp.Lakshmi Appartments
Chalappuram (P.O.)
Kozhikode - 673 002

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