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Chairman Message

Dear friends,

Our bank that commenced its operation in 2003 has completed 15 fruitful years of service to the society and is now moving to a new phase of its activity. We had successfully transcended mighty challenges and hazards. But now I would like to view them as the simple reason for our present happiness and pride. The bank’s amazing and enviable growth into what it is today is nothing but the manifestation of our collective strength.

Kerala co-operative credit sector often traces its history to the activities of the 'Aikya Naanaya Sanghams' of the pre-independence era. From such humble beginnings, the co-operative credit societies, self styled as co-operative Banks, have played a significant role in the growth and development of our state. But the unique stature and position, The Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank now accomplished has no parallel in the entire history of the Co-operative movement in Kerala.

Stretching our scope beyond the banking segment, we have ventured in to very many activities that have brought about a paradigm shift from the conventional co-operative activities. The Apartments' Project, Dialysis Centre with 12 machines, Mobile ICU with all modern facilities and MVR Cancer and Research Centre at Chooloor near Chathamangalam are few examples.

Right from the first financial year of 2003-2004 onwards, we have been running profitably. Members are given 25% as profit since them. This achievement has been generally viewed with surprise and envy, and some circles have shown antipathy as well. Anyhow, we consider only the way customers and the general public look up on us, with utmost satisfaction and trust. This unrelenting support, I believe, is the sole reason for the phenomenal growth of our Bank, which in turn made us also the No.1 primary co-operative bank in Kerala. 

However I think our biggest achievement is that we could relocate the Dialysis centre to our own building equipped with state of the art facilities, catering to more and more patients suffering from renal problems- with 12 machines and 24 patients everyday without charging a single paisa!

The supply of 5000 packets of Milma 'Sambhaaram'(drink) everyday to the general public to ward off the severity of inclement summer, carried out by the bank every year with unfailing regularity from April to June,  is another activity of our bank.“Sahakarana Sadya “, the supply of midday meal to 101 poor and helpless senior citizen from Monday to Saturday has been recently started.

Nothing would have been possible without the relentless support and co-operation of all our respected members, customers, staff and all our well-wishers.  I thank each and every one of them for being with us and also request their continued su port for all the current and prospective activities our our bank.

Smt Preema Manoj